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Who will your organisation be post-COVID?

The world, as we know it has changed. I don’t think any of us can deny the way we work and the way we think about work has changed for many of us. As we start to plan for re-entry into the world, now is an excellent time for us in communications to lead conversations internally about what our post-COVID workplace looks like.

Your staff have been out of the office. Your internal communications channels changed. Your organisation potentially have a different budget position than you did 3,6,12 months ago. Your organisations priorities have changed.

In communications, we are crucial to helping our staff to adapt to a changing workplace. We are uniquely placed to help drive change in the organisation. As we start to contemplate moving back to the office, it is a great time to support the organisation to consider “who do we want to be”.

This is a prime opportunity for you to take stock of your organisational culture, your internal communications channels and your employee engagement.

  • What changed over the past eight weeks?
  • What was working before and what do you want to change?
  • How has COVID changed your workplace?
  • Have your values changed?
  • How has your culture changed?
  • What new ways worked to engage your staff?

It is time for you to engage the Executive, your peers and staff. It’s time plan for what type of organisation you will have when staff come back. While everyone has still been engaged while working from home, you have an opportunity to take stock and redefine your culture. Don’t sit on the sidelines and wait for it to happen, lead this conversation.

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