A little bit about Elm

Elm Communications is a strategic communications consultancy based in Canberra. Effective at delivering everything from transformational project support and high-level strategic advice, to detailed execution and content. We keep it simple by just doing what we love.

Elm’s ethos is that communications provides significant value to any organisation. Done well, communications can tell the world what you are great at and get you out of a sticky situation. It can help tell your story to the public or engage important stakeholders. Professional, effective communications should be at the heart of any organisation.

Elm Communications is a government communication specialist who works with Commonwealth, State and Territory Government agencies to create tailored communications solutions. We work directly with Communication Teams to complement their capacity or improve their service offering. We also engage with business areas that need more dedicated support.

We approach each job with professionalism, passion and commitment. We are here to work with you as a partner to deliver what you need.

Provide a fresh perspective to government communications

We are government communication specialists with experience working with State, Territory and Commonwealth governments.

We understand what it’s like to work in Government. We have worked in small and large government departments and understand the opportunities and challenges this brings. While we know we need to try new things and challenge the things we have always done, there is also ‘the way it works’ in government. We get it. We will always provide relevant ideas that suit the environment while meeting your objectives.

A good strategy can solve all of the problems in the world

We believe planning and thinking are the basis of the solution to ever problem. We apply a strategic communications approach to everything we do. Whether is building a plan, facilitating a workshop, or developing website content, understanding what you are setting out to achieve, your audience and your communications channels are key.

We don’t work alone

We believe in bringing the best experience together to deliver what you need. At Elm, we have an extensive network of other consultants and freelancers who we work with to deliver an integrated service offering.

Get heard. Make impact - The art and science of strategic communications

We are running an interactive training session for not-for-profit organisations! The session is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to craft a compelling communications strategy.  

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