When you hire a consultant, you aren’t just getting a report or content written, you are getting the person. Their expertise, knowledge, experience and their values. Knowing a bit about a person and what they value is important to understand whether their approach will align with yours.

Provide a fresh perspective to government communications

I understand what it’s like to work in government, but I was never a “traditional” public servant. I believe its important to try new things, not do things “the way we have always done them”, and sometimes skip the process to get the right outcome.

A good strategy can solve all of the problems in the world

I believe planning and thinking are the basis of the solution to every problem. I apply a strategic communications approach to everything I do. Whether it is social media, stakeholder engagement or website content, understanding what you are setting out to achieve, your audience and your communications channels is key.

Provide excellent customer service

Elm is here because of you. I will deliver what you need, when you need it and try to exceed your expectations. Having worked in-house for a long time I know the importance of having someone that can deliver.

Follow your passion

I am passionate about communications. I use this drive and commitment to keep me energised, and to engage and inspire others. I truly believe that communications can provide value to an organisation every day. I want to be a leader in my field. I value ongoing learning, building professional expertise and being able to share my knowledge with others.

Be honest and humble

I will be open and honest about my skills and capabilities, I will tell you when a job isn’t for me or when I need to call in extra help. If you ask for it, I will always provide an honest assessment of a situation, in a polite and professional way.