Communications support and advice

We are experienced communications professionals who are able to be strategic advisers to your organisation.

We will work in partnership with you to deliver exceptional communication outcomes and provide our expert advice along the way. Elm Communications can provide a range of services that will help support your team.

In-house support

If the unexpected happens or someone leaves we are able to join your team It doesn’t matter if you need someone for a few hours, a day or over a longer period of time, we have the expertise and experience to jump in and get started.

Strategic communications support

With a passion for great strategy and government experience, we are able to help develop and implement communications strategies and plans. We can help with the engagement and approval process to make it as smooth for you as possible.

Communications policy or process development

If you need help developing the governance in your team, documenting how you do things or finding more efficient ways of working, Elm can help. With decades of experience in-house and connections across government, we can provide advice and intel on the best approach.

Communications desktop review

If you need an impartial review of a brief, communication plan or framework? We can step in and be that second set of eyes. With experience in internal and external communications, and stakeholder engagement we are able to provide confidence that you are headed in the right direction. We will review work you have started, drafted or the final version. Depending on the size and complexity we might need a day or just a few hours.

Phone or video consult

Just want to talk through your project or strategy with someone who understands your world? For those times when you just need to talk to someone who gets it, we are here to brainstorm with you and provide expert advice. We can do this as a one-off appointment or a regularly scheduled session.

“Mel is everything you would want in a professional partnership. She takes the time to understand your need, provides measured and well-crafted advice and delivers what she has promised often to a higher standard and well before you need it. Mel has an engaging personality and this means she listens but also relates well to stakeholders and has a knack of bringing people on your journey with you“

-Jo Stone, Chief Financial Officer and National People Manager
Australian Financial Security Authority

Get heard. Make impact - The art and science of strategic communications

We are running an interactive training session for not-for-profit organisations! The session is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge you need to craft a compelling communications strategy.  

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