Functional review

Functional review? Service review? Review of your communications function? Whatever you call it every now and then we all need to take an independent look at how we are operating.

Sometimes when you are stuck in day-to-day delivery it is hard to step away and look for new opportunities in how to refine your team, services and channels. I can help you to get a fresh perspective on how you are implementing communications in your organisation.

Before starting Elm Communications in 2018, I managed a full-service communications team in the Australian Government working on climate change policy and administration. In this role, I provided internal and external strategic communications, digital, media and stakeholder engagement support across a range of complex and technical policies. Having led communications teams for over decade, I understand the challenges faced when delivering a communications service and what is needed to succeed.

Elm Communications can help you:

  • Review of communications functions, team structure and roles.
  • Review existing communications channels including digital and social media.
  • Scope new channels to meet audience needs.
  • Develop your communications business plan – what is your purpose and what will you achieve this year.
  • Develop communications frameworks, policies and processes.

Elm Communications will support your staff to be exceptional professionals working together to achieve great outcomes.