Free templates and resources

I believe that we can all be better communications professionals by sharing our knowledge and resources. Here are some free templates I have created and some resources that I use on a regular basis.


  • Need help getting started on a communications strategy here is a template so you don’t miss any of the basics

Communication strategy template

  • One of the hardest things to do is to keep on top of your website or intranet content. Here is a templates that will help you record, analyse and assess your pages.

Content analysis template

  • One of the most overlooked elements of strategic communications is environmental scanning. I love the PESTLE framework as I find it easy but comprehensive so I created a template with some questions to help get to your answers.

Pestle template

  • Many of us still struggle with how to manage social media. I believe part of the answer is in using communication stratgy fundamentals so here is a plan to help get you back on track

Channel plan



Social media

There are sooooo many social media analytics tools that are free or free trial. Just a few that I like.

  • Netvizz – Download all of your Facebook data. Hint search for Netvizz directly in Facebook.
  • Hashtagify – find related hashtags to extend your reach.
  • Bluenod – understand your online network.

Other social media tools.

  • Postify – schedule your posts to multiple channels for free.


  • Grammarly – great to check your work for all things spelling and grammar.