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Only three in ten Australians are excited when they get more likes than usual

Not kidding! Only 30 per cent of us are excited when more people than we expected liked our social media post. I expect about ten people will like this post, if I get 15 I am celebrating! I am one of those three. This was one of the most surprising findings for me when I had a look through this year’s Yellow Social Media Report.

Each year Yellow Australia (part of the Sensis brand) research social media use in Australia. If you haven’t seen it before this report is a valuable source of data on social media use. If you run a social media channel or are about to start a new social media campaign you should review this first. It will provide some great insights into how Australians are using social media.

(Also just a side note some people are lying! Social media ‘likes’ are like love and recognition, everyone wants more.)

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Here are some interesting take-outs from this year’s report:

  • Before breakfast, coffee or exercise, the first thing nearly sixty per cent of Australians do every day is look at their social media feeds!
  • Eighty-eight per cent of Australian internet users have a social media profile. Demonstrating the value of these channels as a communications tool. If your organisation isn’t on social media, you aren’t where your audience is.
  • There is a misconception that only young people use social media, but more than 70 per cent of over 65s are on social media. Usage and frequency does decline with age, but if you’re looking to target an older target market social media is a great option.
  • Keep in mind most users aren’t on social media to find out information about a business, or to research a product or service. Most are there to connect with family and friends (85%) or to share photos (46%).
  • However, this is slowly changing. Just a year ago less than 25 per cent of people followed businesses or brands on social media now 44 per cent of us are. Demonstrating the growing potential of this communications channel.
  • If you want to know what channel to use, more than nine in ten social media users are on Facebook, accessing the site 37 times a week for 16 minutes each time on average.
  • YouTube is the second most popular social media site, ahead of Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+.
  • Twitter continues to have the highest drop off rate, with 31 per cent of social media users disengaging from the platform last year.
  • The most popular times for using social media is in the evening and first thing in the morning which means this is when you need to be posting your content (use your schedule function)!
  • More than half social media users are more likely to trust brands that regularly update their content, and have engaging and relevant content. This shows it is critical to maintain your channels and not post boring, plain text content!
  • Only half of Australians have desktop computers at home, but 87 per cent have a Smartphone, 76 per cent a laptop, 59 per cent a tablet. This means when creating online products, websites, images, graphs they need to be mobile-ready because people simply aren’t viewing digital on a computer screen as much anymore.

Your turn. Go and have a look for yourself – Yellow 2018 social media report. Share the most interesting fact that you find in the comments below.

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