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The buzz about COVID

What has occurred to me recently is how rapidly our language has changed during this pandemic.

We have a new way of speaking that we would never have used before this all happened. Never in my life have I used the words pivot and unprecedented so much. I talk to my friends and clients about the challenges of WFH (working from home) while in Iso. We are all worried about a second wave as we start re-entry. Four months ago, we didn’t even know what a COVID was, and I only social distanced because I worked at home alone.

I have found it fascinating how rapidly as a global society, we were able to pick up these new phrases. It is going to be hard to pick a ‘word of the year’ for 2020. We didn’t just have one word we created a whole new language.

As a communicator, this is interesting because it shows that not only do we need to be able to adapt to environmental and technology changes, we also need to be able to adapt to language changes.

We need to be able to write in a way that our audience understands. We need to help the audience engage with the content by making it relevant and timely.

I am not suggesting that you insert “pivot” into every sentence on your website but read the room, understand what your audience is currently focused on and ensure your content feels like it fits in with the times.

For some fun here is a bingo sheet for your next work call – see who can win covingo (I thought I would try it out). I would love to hear what COVID buzz words you think are missing from this list.

I’m off to have a quarantini.

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