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One a week for a year

When I started Elm Communications 12 months ago, I thought I would write a few articles to let people know I was up and running. Then I thought I’ll do one a week for six months as part of my “marketing plan”. Quickly it just became a habit sitting down once a week and writing. It was good practice to write about something I was passionate about.

During quite weeks, it gave me a clear purpose – I wanted to tell people what I was about. When I was busy, just getting it done seemed like a struggle and that is why I am proud of this milestone. Every week for the past year I have written an article for my website (ok I had two weeks off over Christmas). That’s 50 articles.

At times it was hard, the weeks I thought I had really nailed it only to get no response. Writing something controversial which I thought would get some comments and getting none. It can be lonely waiting to get some online love and hearing only silence (All those regular readers that don’t like or comment I’m talking to you).

On the flip side, there have been over 1,500 page views of my articles on my website and 1,700 views on LinkedIn – heaps more than I ever expected. I got some new clients based on the articles I’ve posted on LinkedIn and reminded some old contacts that I was in business.

I still get a little buzz when someone mentions something I said in a post weeks earlier. And I have my loyal fans from my old team who always reminded me they were still (virtually) there for me.

I don’t really know if it’s been valuable but I’m pretty proud of myself for persisting. I never knew I had so much to say!

So that’s it, I made it. One whole year. And now I’m done. I will still be writing when something comes up or when inspiration strikes but maybe not as reguarly.

If you have been reading my articles but not liking, sharing or commenting could you! Please. Show a solo consultant some love. Help spread the word about Elm.

If there is a topic you would like to hear about send me a message, I’ll add it to the list.

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