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Happy first birthday Elm Communications

It’s been one year. One whole year, since I started Elm Communications.

What a ride! Twelve months ago, I didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t know where to start. I definitely didn’t know if I would get any work. It was a scary prospect jumping into the unknown.

What I found was that I have an amazing support network. Friends, colleagues, other consultants who were always happy to listen and provide advice. A husband who let me rant, cry and celebrated the wins with me.

I got to work on some amazing projects and meet some great new people. When I left the public service after nine years working on climate change, I wanted to work on a range of topics and challenge myself professionally. I have definitely had that opportunity.

It was also much harder and lonelier than I expected. I miss having people to bounce ideas off and brainstorming. I miss the amazing communications professionals from my old team. I had self-doubts but as I learnt what I was doing, I got more confident in this new version of me.

For those that ask “how business going”? (And everyone asks) – Elm has been more successful than I expected. I set some goals, as all good communications professional do, and I exceeded most of them. I have no regrets about my decision. It’s hard but it’s a different type of hard work. I hope that my clients have appreciated my work and advice, and that there are many more of them coming (wink wink). Bring on the second year.

Happy birthday Elm.

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