Our approach to Indigenous participation

Elm Communications is committed to fostering a workplace environment that celebrates diversity, promotes cultural understanding, and actively supports the inclusion of Indigenous peoples. Our Indigenous Participation Plan aims to foster an inclusive and respectful workplace, promotes Elm Communications as an employer of choice, and a place where Indigenous perspectives are integrated into our work and decision-making processes.

Recruitment and retention

  • We will regularly review and revise recruitment practices to ensure they are culturally sensitive, inclusive, and designed to attract all candidates.
  • We will develop strategies to support the retention and career advancement of any Indigenous employees or interns.
  • We offer flexible work arrangements that accommodate cultural obligations or ceremonies for Indigenous employees.

Education and awareness

  • We support our staff to undertake training to foster understanding, respect, and appreciation for Indigenous cultures, histories, and perspectives.
  • We regularly engage in events, workshops or presentations that highlight Indigenous cultures and proactively engage with days of significance such as NAIDOC week.

Collaboration and partnerships

  • We adhere to the government’s Indigenous Procurement Policy and aim to have a minimum 3% of our supply chain represented by Indigenous-owned businesses.
  • We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with Indigenous consultants or experts to ensure Indigenous perspectives are integrated into our work.
  • Where the opportunity to work in remote areas presents, we will actively engage local Indigenous suppliers.
  • We seek Indigenous input, participation and feedback on projects or initiatives that may impact Indigenous communities.

Community engagement

  • We actively participate in community initiatives and events that support Indigenous causes.
  • We will consider pro bono work for Indigenous organisations or projects that align with our expertise.

We will regularly monitor and evaluate the progress of the Indigenous Inclusion Plan and collect feedback from Indigenous employees to ensure their voices are heard and their experiences are considered. Adjustments and improvements will be made based on feedback and lessons learned.