Ethical sourcing plan

Elm Communications is committed to operating in an ethical and socially responsible manner. This Ethical Sourcing Plan outlines the strategies and compliance practices adopted by Elm to ensure fair employment practices such as fair wages, workforce equality and diversity, as well as ensuring the avoidance of bonded labour in line with relevant labour laws and regulations including the Modern Slavery Act 2018.  

Supplier evaluation and selection

  • We will conduct due diligence on all potential suppliers to ensure they meet our ethical sourcing requirements and align with our values.  
  • Where we partner with another provider, we will ask them to provide information about their employment practices, including adherence to human rights standards, wage structures, working hours, policies on discrimination, and efforts to ensure workforce diversity. 
  • We will prioritise suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to fair employment practices and can provide evidence of compliance with relevant labour laws and regulations. 

Supplier engagement and collaboration 

  • We will engage in open and transparent communication with our partners, emphasising the importance of fair employment practices and our commitment to ethical sourcing. 
  • Regular meetings will be conducted with partners to address any concerns in labour practices. Where they can not be addressed, we will cease to work with them.
  • We will actively encourage our partners to implement and maintain policies that promote equal opportunities, fair wages, and a diverse workforce. 

Monitoring and compliance

  • We have established a rigorous system to assess our compliance with fair employment practices. This includes staying up to date with relevant labour laws and regulations and seeking professional advice before we engage new staff.
  • We maintain comprehensive records of our suppliers and ensure they are undertaking relevant monitoring and compliance checks. 
  • All reports about breaches to the Modern Slavery Act 2018 will be promptly and thoroughly investigated by one of our Directors, and appropriate actions will be taken.
  • We will report to relevant authorities any other company that we believe needs to be investigated for breaching relevant labour laws and regulations.

Training, education and continuous improvement

  • We regularly inform staff of changes from the Fair Work Commission to ensure they are aware of their rights and provide them with links to their training.  
  • Staff are provided with the Fair Work Commission contact details to raise any concerns or seek further advice.   
  • We regularly discuss with employees involved in partner management, procurement, and sourcing, the importance of ethical sourcing, fair employment practices, and compliance with labour laws. 
  • We will continuously review and improve our policies, procedures, and due diligence processes. 
  • We will monitor our progress in implementing the Ethical Sourcing Plan and regularly evaluate its effectiveness, making necessary adjustments to ensure its success.

Elm Communications strives to ensure fair employment practices throughout our supply chain, foster diversity, and prevent the use of bonded labour. We remain dedicated to complying with all relevant laws and regulations and promoting a sustainable and responsible business ecosystem. 

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