Social media use policy

Elm Communications is active on LinkedIn and Facebook. By accessing our social media pages, you are agreeing with the terms and conditions of that social media platform and the following terms of use. We encourage you to read this information before participating in social media activities.

Terms of use

We hope that everyone engages in conversation about communications! We want you share your thoughts, insights, criticisms, links, posts and other content. When using our social media sites, please remember to:

  • represent your own views and not impersonate or falsely represent any other person
  • do not be abusive, harass or threaten others
  • do not make defamatory or libellous comments about anyone
  • do not use insulting, provocative, offensive or hateful language
  • do not post material that infringes the intellectual property rights of others
  • do not post multiple versions of the same view making excessive postings on a particular issue
  • do not promote commercial interests
  • do not make unproven or unsupported accusations against individuals or organisations
  • do not engage in or encourage conduct that may or would constitute a criminal offence or give rise to civil liability, or that otherwise violates any local, provincial, national or international law or regulation anywhere in the world
  • do not incite hatred on the basis of any personal characteristic, including on the basis of race, gender, marital or domestic status, disability, sexuality or age
  • do not identify matters that are the subject of legal proceedings or would break a court order.

We reserve the right to remove any user content that is offensive, off-topic or inappropriate. If a user continues to post inappropriate content they may be banned from accessing our pages.

We also ask users to consider the content of the information they are intending to share before they upload it to our social media pages. Once it has been uploaded, the content will be in the public domain. You know the saying “once online, always online”. Users should check their personal social media profile settings to protect their identity and personal information.

Any information or material placed online by users, including advice and opinions, is the view and responsibility of those users and does not necessarily represent the views of Elm Communications. Don’t worry we will let you know if we disagree – that is what a good debate is all about.

Links to external websites, social media profiles, videos or images are provided for convenience and reference. These sites and their content are not under the control of Elm Communications. The inclusion of any link or reference does not always imply endorsement of that website, service or person. We are not responsible for the information or accuracy of external sites and are not liable for any loss or inconvenience arising from their use.

Basically, just use social media responsibly!