Not every communications consultant is the same. We all have different strengths and areas of focus. While some are digital experts, others have more of a marketing focus. When selecting a communications consultant to work with your team, you need to ensure they have the right strengths for your project.

Strategic advice

Elm Communications core strengths are around strategic communications, planning and implementation. I provide high-level strategic communications advice shaped by years of experience and professional knowledge. I will always consider your environment and audiences, tailoring my approach to your circumstances.

Problem Solving

Part of providing strategic advice is the ability to analyse a situation and find a solution. Elm loves being able to identify workable solutions to complex problems or issues with consideration to the internal and external environment. It’s that ‘ahuh!’ moment when you find the answer that drives us to keep digging and asking questions.


Elm’s success is based on the strength of its relationships. I seek to understand you, your needs, and what you are trying to achieve. My long-term relationships are built through creating mutual understanding and exceeding expectations.


I connect people. If you need experience, support or knowledge from a different field, I will connect you to the right person. I have a broad network of local professionals in graphic design, change management, market research and multimedia development that we can work together with. I don’t claim to be great at everything, but I can connect you to the people that are.

Project management

Not prince two or agile, communications projects! Elm Communications will take the time to understand what you need, the scope of the project, potential risks and opportunities. I will then develop a plan that will provide you with the confidence that I understand the steps required to achieve your outcomes on time and on budget.


Writing is the basis of great communication. With decades of experience in professional communications, my career has been focused on writing. I will create content that is tailored to the audience and the channel. I take complex information and distilling it down to information the audience will understand.