Elm Communications is a communications consultancy that provides multi-disciplinary communications services, advice and support.

For information about Elm Communications download our capability statement.


With a wealth of experience in internal and external communications, planning and strategy are a core strength of Elm Communications. Elm Communications knows great communications is formed on a base of research, clear objectives, understanding your audience, establishing consistent messaging, and measuring outcomes.

Elm Communications provides the following services:

  • Internal and external strategy development and implementation
  • Analysis and research – Environmental scanning, desktop research, interviews, surveys, workshops, content analysis
  • Brand and reputational strategy
  • Corporate communications
  • Internal and cultural communications


Key to great content is the ability to distill information quickly into a format and style that meets the audience needs. With experience in developing long publications, media materials, digital and social media content and executive reports Elm Communications will be able to assist with all of your writing and editing needs.

Elm Communications can develop communication materials for a range of audience types and writing styles including:

  • Government communications
  • Industry specific messaging
  • Academic and reporting styles
  • Community orientated communications
  • Technical and plain English

Focused on delivering client-centric communications, materials will be developed to suit the audience and while meeting your objectives. All digital content will be produced to comply with WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines.

Service review

Sometimes when you are stuck in day-to-day delivery it is hard to step away and look for new opportunities in how to refine your services and channels. Elm Communications can help you to get a  fresh perspective on how you are implementing communications in your organisation.

We can help you:

  • Review of communications functions, team structure and roles.
  • Review existing communications channels including digital and social media.
  • Scope new channels to meet audience needs.
  • Bring your team together and create a new vision.
  • Develop your communications business planning.
  • Run team building sessions.
  • Develop communications frameworks, policies and processes.

Elm Communications will support your staff to be exceptional professionals working together to achieve great outcomes.


Let’s be honest, most communications these days have online elements. Elm Communications will integrate your current digital communications with your other channels, and help you develop new ones.

This includes:

  • Website strategies – review content and structure, and assist with content development
  • Digital channel strategy
  • Social media plans
  • Digital or social analysis – understanding your competition and your users

Communications projects

If you have a piece of work that needs someone to focus on it, give it the love it needs to get off the ground or a project that has stalled and you need to get it over the finish line, Elm Communications is able to help. With experience in long term delivery and short term, quick turn around projects Elm Communications can ensure you get the outcome you are looking for on time and on budget. Consider if you need help with:

  • A new program or product
  • Digital project scoping and delivery
  • Delivery of a new tool or communications channel
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Research and analysis

Support and advice

We have all seen it before, you are busy managing BAU and then something unexpected pops up. Not everyone has the luxury of having resources just waiting to take on that new, urgent piece of work. If you need help with the unexpected Elm Communications will be available to come and help at short notice, providing an extra body on the ground or remote support to get you through those tough times. Give us a call. Elm Communications can provide a range of services that will help support your team:

  • In-house support
  • Issues and crisis communications management
  • Reputation management
  • Strategic direction
  • Stakeholder and client engagement